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Four Became Five And Their Chances Grew Slimmer

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

This was an Art Prompt given out in Illustration class. Every Artist will interpret and creatively extrude this eight word prompt differently. The Illustration below was my own attempt to show a hopeless situation becoming even more so by an additional member making their appearance.

This illustration is a good example of what I mean by Nilosophy. People really get fixated on Art in some recognizable form, which in a lot of ways end up excluding the Artist from those forms. Objects named Art are seen as the aftermath, the product of ________ (fill in the blank). The output of an Artist is the tangible, experienced pieces, exposed to others. Though take another look at this description, Works of Art. "Works of Art" implies those objects, that output of the Artist, is the work of Art itself, as if to communicate Art is the living being and not the product. Which is of course, true.

Art is not an object, it is a living creature.

The Artist is a walking depository of Art, a moving breathing Museum of Art, a living Art Factory and without their existence, Art ceases to be anything, because Art is an act of living in a certain way.

Art is not a painting, Art is a personality, an identity, a disposition, a nature, a lifestyle.

An Artist is the body which houses and enables it.

You could say, Art is a mindset and an Artist is the combination of eyes, ears, hands, legs, whatever moving parts are required for making objects and or experiences. If you follow, you'll understand that my Nilosophy is who I am. It isn't something that I do, it is how I live. The illustration above is my Nilosophy in digital painting format.

A person who lives this way is quite bold.

There's no other way to end up with all of the Works of Art the human world has without some humans having an Art disposition. If you know someone with an Art disposition, how would you describe it? I gave my disposition a name, Nilosophy, though to explain what that embodies, I am not sure that I could. I could try, but I probably won't. What I did try to do instead, was explain what a Nilosophy is. It is not called Nilosophy if it isn't mine, though I think you can understand what it is when you come across someone else with one of their own. If you have an Art disposition, and you have also named it, please share the name! And if you feel like doing so, explain what makes up your Art disposition as well. I would love to hear how others would describe it.

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